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Web Analytics Services

Use Web Behavior to Drive Business Decisions

Web analytics can help you understand if your website is working the way it is intended.  Is your site giving users the information they need to help them interact and engage with your brand? Are you analyzing your web data to make decisions that move the user toward engagement?

Pinpoint’s Web Analytics Services help you understand a users’ path to engagement and how to turn that data into the actionable intelligence you need to improve marketing relevance and customer engagement.

Visitor Profiles

Gain Customer Insights through Visitor Profiles

Creating visitor profiles with information of: frequency and duration, product and service, browse activity, search terms, etc., is one way to begin to analyze user behavior to use for segmentation and target marketing.

Scenario Reports

Use Web Analytics to Help with Low Conversion Rates

Standard scenario reports provide insight into the conversion funnel to help you improve conversion rates.

Path Analysis Reports

Utilize the Standard Analytics Process and Drill Down to Monitor Desired Behavior

Path analysis reports analyze how individual users are actually navigating through your site and can help you to make decisions based on the data collected.

Struggle Analysis

Utilize replay sessions to understand where visitors are struggling and improve their customer experience

Struggle analysis alerts report incidents of sub-optimal user experience and barriers to conversion, and link to session replays so you can analyze the reasons for the struggle and implement improvements.

Pinpoint’s Web Analytics Services can help you tackle your Big Data.

Add distill it into the information that is important to your business.

We can help you track visitor activity at any level of detail.

Contact a Pinpoint Consultant for an assessment of your web analytics.