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Common symptoms:

  • Much though I want to, I’m unable to provide the usable information that Marketing needs with the current grown-like-Topsy information “system.”
  • They’re clamoring today for better automation of email “blasts”; but adding in another standalone application would be more of what got us to where we are.

The problem:

This marketing department has evolved with a number of disparate, non-integrated applications and databases. No one can get a single view of any given customer, or drive marketing campaigns across multiple channels. Management isn’t able to manage resources efficiently, or measure its return on the cost of marketing actions.

The solution:

This company needs to migrate its stovepiped databases to a unified data repository containing all customer-related information. In addition, the department needs to deploy a single leading-edge application that can drive marketing actions/campaigns for all channels ...and actually helps management manage.

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