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VP/Director Database Marketing / Customer Relationship Management

Common symptoms:

  • We have inconsistent data on our customers scattered across at least five different databases; it’s not possible to get a single view of any given customer.
  • I can’t easily pull together information our product managers need, such as all “touches” of a given customer in the last 12 months, or the results of their spring campaign.

The problem:

There is a plethora of non-integrated, “stovepiped” databases across Marketing and the other functions that touch it (Sales, Customer Service, Accounting, etc.).

The solution:

The company requires a unified data repository that captures all customer-related information and is accessible by all customer-facing functions/roles. User training will then be essential to ensure that every customer touch – together with its result – is captured in the database. The company should also re-examine its customer information strategy, to ensure that all data enabling both action and analysis is being collected.

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