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Common symptoms:

  • A tremendous amount of customer/prospect activity happens on our corporate website, but the results of that activity don’t integrate with the isolated databases used by the more traditional marketing functions.
  • We haven’t yet successfully enabled our website for marketing purposes, so that it can conduct or participate in campaigns a’ la the other channels.

The problem:

The principal problem here is that this marketing department has evolved with a number of application-specific “silo” databases that do not communicate with each other. It also appears that the website may need additional back-end functionality that will make it more of a participant in Marketing’s endeavors.

The solution:

This company needs to migrate its stovepiped databases to a unified data repository where all customer-related information resides. In addition, the department will probably benefit by deploying a single leading-edge application that drives marketing actions/campaigns for all channels ...with the website being just another one of those.

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