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Common symptoms:

  • We can’t always deliver consistent messages or offers to customers or prospects in my segment across our various channels (Website, TV, inbound/outbound phone, mail, email). Cross-selling is difficult to impossible.
  • I’m accountable for revenue and ROI in my segment, but am rarely able to actually measure the results of my campaigns.
  • Salespeople working my segment are unaware of interactions that may have occurred between Accounting or Marketing and their customers.

The problem:

There are undoubtedly different applications – or perhaps no automated applications – driving marketing messages through each channel. Further, it’s likely that the customer information captured in an email campaign is unavailable to those designing a TV or outbound phone offer (for example). Metrics are apparently inconsistent across channels ...or simply absent

The solution:

  • A single, instrumented marketing system that drives marketing through all channels, and captures all responses regardless of channel.
  • A unified data repository that captures all touches and provides a single view of the customer.

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