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Common symptoms:

  • I don’t have adequate visibility of resource or efficiency bottlenecks in my Marketing Department.
  • I don’t have hard data, but I strongly suspect that my department is just not as efficient/productive as our major competitor’s is.
  • It’s difficult or impossible to determine the return we’re getting for what we spend ...overall, and on which components.

The problem:

Your department has long since grown beyond any practical span of control by manual (aka “seat-of-the-pants”) means; if there is any sort of automated assistance installed, it is evidently inadequate. Further, metrics are inconsistent (or absent) across channels, lines of business / product lines, customer segments. Also there may be no functional link between Marketing and Financial systems, and thus no ability to associate the costs of marketing actions with financial outcomes.

The solution:

Your company needs to deploy one of the leading Marketing Resource Management packages (e.g., Aprimo or Unica), that will support re-use of prior methods/campaigns, monitor campaign traffic flow and resource allocation, and integrate with the company’s financial system. In addition, there will be benefit to implementing standard processes in accordance with best practices; providing instrumentation for all marketing systems; and providing reporting dashboards for you and other key decision-makers.

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