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Common symptoms:

  • I’m made aware nearly every day that Marketing needs more – and more usable – information than my function can give them with the current jerry-rigged information “system.”
  • Among other things, they badly need automated assistance with email; but I don’t want to add in yet another stovepiped application ...that’s just more of what’s already wrong.

The problem:

This marketing department has evolved with a number of “silo” applications and databases that do not communicate with each other. It’s not possible for anyone to get a single view of any given customer; or to drive marketing campaigns across multiple channels; or to manage resources efficiently; or for management to measure the return on the cost of any particular action.

The solution:

This company needs to, in effect, press the “Reset” button and...

  • migrate its stovepiped databases to a unified data repository where all customer-related information resides;
  • replace all of its silo applications with a single leading-edge marketing application (e.g., Primo or Unica) that drives marketing actions/campaigns for all channels, helps ensure efficient resource utilization, supports re-use of standard processes and sharing of digital assets, and facilitates measurement of the results of marketing actions.

In addition, the company would be well advised to engage experts who can review its marketing processes to ensure that best practices are being followed.

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