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Marketing Systems Integration to Achieve a Single View of the Customer

Common symptoms:

  • My salesperson is unaware of interactions that may have occurred between Accounting or Marketing and his/her customer.
  • My marketing people don’t know what – if any – sales have occurred as a result of their campaigns.
  • It’s difficult (if not impossible) to get an accurate, complete view of any given customer.

The problem:

Sales, Marketing, Financial/Accounting, Customer Service and the Corporate website may all be using different “stovepiped” databases that don’t communicate, making it impossible for any of those functions to get a single, comprehensive, up-to-date view of any particular customer.

The solution:

Your company requires a record/repository of all interactions with all customers, so as to better serve and market to them. Further, each authorized function must have similar, consistent access to this repository.

Getting there may involve careful adjustments to process, and almost always the integration of disparate application systems and databases. This may require substantial modification of existing applications and databases, and/or the replacement of selected applications and the construction of a customer data warehouse linking all touch points.

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