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Real-Time Marketing: Implementation, Integration & Consulting

Common symptoms:

  • My customers come to our website to transact, to check their account or for some type of customer service millions of times each year. We should be taking advantage of those interactions to make our customers aware of other products and services that may meet their individual needs.
  • Our inbound customer service calls are a great cross-sell and up-sell opportunity, but our results in that area are sub-optimal because we do not personalize the offers.

The problem:

Marketing to customers and prospects when they contact you is more effective than a cold outreach. The offer extended, however, must be relevant. Website systems and call center software often are not connected to an organization's marketing databases and applications. The result is an inability to take advantage of the very best direct marketing opportunities – providing a personalized, relevant offer when a customer is already engaged with your organization and most likely to listen to the offer.

The solution:

Pinpoint implements real-time marketing solutions that leverage your existing direct marketing and offer management capabilities to create an interactive dialog with each customer on each inbound interaction. Pinpoint will upgrade your direct marketing environment as necessary to enable real-time marketing capabilities.

Included in the solution is offer decision management software that selects the best available offer for each customer at the point of interaction based on the context of the interaction, the customer’s profile and their total relationship and interaction history with the organization.

Pinpoint’s real-time marketing solutions include predictive and adaptive models to fine tune the offer decision process.

The solution can be deployed to any combination of interactive channels, including your website, call center, kiosks and store point of sale/service.

The real-time marketing solution has become the highest performing direct marketing program for clients who have worked with Pinpoint to deploy an interactive marketing system.

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