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Common symptoms:

It’s difficult or impossible to determine what we’re getting for what we spend ...overall, and on which components.

I can’t be certain which of our actions worked and which didn’t; I suspect that 80% of what we do is fairly useless ...but which 80%?

The problem:

ROI Metrics are inconsistent (or absent) across channels, lines of business / product lines, customer segments. Also, there is apparently no functional link between Marketing and Financial systems, thus no ability to associate the costs of marketing actions with financial outcomes.

The solution:

Your company may need a number of substantial changes, possibly including:

  • implementing standard processes in accordance with best practices;
  • instrumentation of marketing systems;
  • integration of marketing systems with the company’s financial system;
  • the provision of reporting dashboards for decision-makers.

It is quite likely that making these improvements will require the upgrading or replacement of one or more marketing systems.

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