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Customer Experience Management

Imagine if you could immediately detect the customers who struggle to find the right information or product, or have trouble completing a purchase on your website and in real-time send them an apologetic marketing message, perhaps with an appropriate offer to compensate them for the inconvenience. Pinpoint’s Customer Experience Management solution can do just that by recording every detail of each digital customer interaction to help businesses “see” why customers are falling out of the online buying process.

Beyond web analytics software, the Customer Experience solution sets up rules to determine if a visitor is struggling and can’t complete an action in some way. Once detected, the individual sessions can be replayed, you can deduce why the problem is happening in order to make necessary adjustments and a list of these customers can be generated to use for marketing communications. These capabilities can create opportunities for new marketing tactics to better retain and communicate with customers.

In conjunction with Campaign Management, Customer Experience Management is a rapidly evolving technology solution to help you gain a "view" of and dialog with the digital customer. This information empowers organizations to deliver better web experiences and provide more effective customer service. It also allows marketers valuable insight into the customer experience in real-time to make better decisions for targeting and trigger marketing campaigns and is a necessary tool for any multi-channel marketing organization.

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