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Marketing Campaign Management Software: Implementation, Integration & Consulting

Common symptoms:

  • Getting the direct marketing campaigns out the door every week or month is a time consuming process with a lot of steps that use several disconnected systems
  • Recurring direct marketing programs use the same customer segmentation and targeting criteria cycle after cycle because it's difficult to change the way the campaigns are structured without significant IT involvement
  • There isn’t a way to incorporate what I learned from my recent direct marketing campaigns into the next set of campaigns. The history of who was contacted, who responded and how they responded is not available or conveniently accessible
  • My campaign management system takes so long to pull the lists needed for all my offers on each channel that I can’t get the marketing communications out in a timely manner
  • Better, more accessible reporting is needed on how all my direct marketing campaigns are performing over time, by customer segment, product, channel, geographic region and other dimensions

The problem:

A direct marketing process that relies on manual steps for setting up and running list generation queries, sometimes across multiple databases of customer information, is inefficient and limits your ability to reach each customer with the right message at the right time. If you have a campaign management system that is performing poorly, there may be an opportunity to improve the way the database(s) is organized or to tune the campaign management application.

The solution:

Campaign management application software implemented and tuned by Pinpoint against the appropriate set of customer databases, provides flexibility and efficiency for direct marketing programs to be coordinated across all customer segments, product lines and channels. Implementation includes reusable components for standard inclusions and exclusions, for recording campaign history, for attributing responses to specific campaigns, for integrating campaign lists with each marketing communications channel, and for performance measurement and reporting.

As part of the roll-out, existing campaigns are built and validated in the new application. Pinpoint provides training on the software customized to your environment. Pinpoint then works side by side with your marketing staff to build new campaigns and reports, so that your staff is self-sufficient with the campaign management tool. In addition, Pinpoint works with your team to ensure a robust “test and learn” process is in place for continuous marketing performance improvement.

The benefits include:

  • Greater efficiency and scalability of your direct marketing team
  • Improved measurement and reporting
  • Greater flexibility in managing and assigning the right offers/messages to each customer
  • Improved performance and ROI from direct marketing

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