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Marketing Application Integration

Pinpoint’s Marketing Application Integration Services do all the heavy lifting for you

Pinpoint’s Integration Services implement the technical portion of the systems architecture plan previously developed. In this step, we work with your staff to....

  • install any agreed-upon new applications; modify as necessary to fill any gaps
  • modify any surviving applications as needed to accommodate integration into the new architecture
  • modify data structures and data flows as required by the new architecture; create and load new databases / data warehouse(s) as needed

Upon completion of this step, all of your marketing, sales and customer service systems will be talking to each other properly, thus delivering the right information at the right time to your knowledge workers, customer-facing staff and customers, via every defined channel.

Typical marketing Integration needs that Pinpoint’s services solve include –

  • Integrating marketing campaign management and offer decision-making with customer interaction channels such as the Web, IVR system, call center and point of sale / service system
  • Using Web analytics to inform marketing offer decisions
  • Linking sales transactions back to marketing initiatives for use in measuring marketing effectiveness
  • Linking marketing resource management with financial systems, campaign management systems and analytic / business intelligence systems

Pinpoint’s marketing Application Integration Services include –

  • Hardware/platform sizing and specification
  • Database development & enhancement
  • Data movement and transformation software implementation
  • Inter-application integration using APIs and Web Services
  • Custom application development to fill gaps in off-the-shelf software functionality
  • System and application performance measurement, troubleshooting and tuning

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