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Marketing Software & Database Systems Architecture

Pinpoint’s architecture planning helps preserve existing IT investment while improving integration and eliminating silos.

As the initial step in systems integration, Pinpoint’s consultants will perform systems architecture planning across all on-premise or cloud systems, database marketing and customer applications and databases that touch your customers, across all customer-facing business functions. That list will typically include the following functions and supporting systems:

  • Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Customer service / Service delivery
  • Loyalty
  • Billing/statements/payments
  • Website(s)
  • Agency/supplier systems

Within IT systems, the scope of our architecture planning encompasses:

  • Hardware / operating system platforms
  • Database management system platforms
  • Application software
  • Systems/application implementation and operations tools

Pinpoint’s architecture planning process follows a number of steps, as follows.

Assess the customer experience and systems functionality across all customer interaction channels, with a focus on enabling a consistent customer experience across those channels. Such channels, or customer touch points, are likely to include online (website, blog, social media), point of sale (store, branch office, kiosk), phone, surface mail, email, and sales and customer service.

Ensure the new architecture will enable business capabilities (current and projected) by working closely with the Operations, Marketing, Sales and Service teams, as well as the Information Technology team.

Identify gaps in data accessibility that may be inhibiting the effectiveness of the client’s business systems. Pinpoint’s ultimate goal is to make a full 360-degree view of each customer’s data available to all systems from all channels. Generally, it is also necessary – and desirable – to eliminate data “silos” and redundant storage of data.

Provide a systems architecture blueprint and a detailed plan to move from the current state to the target architecture in a series of incremental steps that each provide measurable business improvement (greatest first, wherever possible). Our deliverables in this phase include...

  • Target systems architecture blueprint
  • Phased implementation plan
  • Best-of-breed candidate software applications
  • Cost and schedule estimates for budgeting and planning

Throughout Pinpoint’s architectural planning process, our consultants are guided by several core principles, leading them to:

Preserve your investment in current applications that meet business needs, but that simply require improved integration with other systems and data

Apply systems architecture best practices:

  • data warehousing – analytic and operational data stores
  • enterprise system bus architectures
  • service oriented architectures (SOA)

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