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Marketing Systems & Database Integration

From architecture to database implementation, our systems integration services ensure that your IT systems properly support your business

The need for integration between marketing systems and the rest of the enterprise is increasing. Marketing databases must include transaction and interaction data from all customer touch points. Campaign management, trigger marketing and real-time marketing applications must be able to deploy targeted messages and offers via the website, inbound and outbound phone centers, point of sale systems and mobile applications. Marketing operations management (a.k.a. marketing resource management) applications need to exchange data with financial systems, other departmental planning/management systems and agency/supplier systems.

Today's markteing solutions typically consist of a mix of on-premise, hosted and cloud systems, but a complete enterprise marketing management application software suite is only half of the solution. The other half is the effective integration of the marketing software with the rest of the enterprise – the operational, ERP, sales, CRM, website, financial, HR and other systems.

Pinpoint’s Systems Integration Services optimize your investment in enterprise marketing management software by architecting and implementing these application and database interfaces. Our Systems Integration Services include:

  • Systems Architecture – providing an overall architectural blueprint for your marketing technology and its interfaces to departmental, supplier and enterprise systems
  • Technical Integration – implementing and tuning the application interfaces between marketing applications and other systems
  • Database Implementation – design, construction and performance tuning of customer data repositories and other marketing-related databases, including the software to cleanse, populate and refresh the data

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