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Enterprise Marketing Software Training

Pinpoint provides marketing application training that is customized to your business, process and systems environment. Our training is singularly focused on the goal of achieving 100% user adoption.

Pinpoint’s training services are available on any of the application software that we implement. Each of our training programs is designed to address your specific needs and challenges around systems roll-out and use.

As the name suggests, mentoring is more of a one-to-one proposition; it usually involves Pinpoint’s expert sitting with the client’s developer at exactly the time (s)he is working on a particular application problem. With our expertise, we are generally able to remove barriers to progress, and also illuminate best practices as applied in a live setting.

Marketing Software Training and mentoring is delivered in any of the following formats:

  • In-person group (classroom) at your location
  • Group webinar
  • One-on-one desk-side mentoring
  • One-on-one consultation/webinar

Case Studies

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