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Enterprise Marketing Software Support Services

Pinpoint never delivers an engagement and simply walks away; instead, we stay with you to ensure your success.

Marketing organizations cannot reap the benefits from systems investments unless their staff actually uses the systems to solve marketing challenges. Barriers to use may take many forms. If some of your staff have barriers to systems adoption, or are spending time supporting others instead of on productive marketing work, the ROI will be sub-optimal.

Pinpoint’s Marketing Support Services provide a cost-effective method to ensure your organization realizes the envisioned benefits of its marketing systems. Our services are designed with flexibility in mind; so you get the help you need, when you need it, without paying for services you don’t use. Our services include:

  • Marketing operations staff augmentation – to help you through the workload peaks and valleys and get your campaigns in market at the right time
  • Technical troubleshooting and system tuning – to make sure your marketing software is responsive and can handle the workload required by your business
  • Software upgrades – to provide the latest available functionality in support of continuous process improvement
  • Functional assistance – to assist with using the features of new marketing software
  • Training and desk-side mentoring – to bring new staff up to speed quickly

Following every engagement, Pinpoint remains involved with the client by offering a variety of support services ...for as long as the client wishes. Our support services comprise several categories, based on client need:

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