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Marketing & Customer Technology Planning

Too often technology improvement projects are performed in a piecemeal manner to address the business needs of individual departments, resulting in overlapping efforts, disconnected systems and data silos. Even though there may be a strong business case for a particular localized solution, the piecemeal course of action likely will produce sub-optimal results in the long term. To get the greatest yield from your investments in customer information technology, a holistic, cohesive plan is needed that addresses the cross-department customer information strategy – marketing, sales and customer service across all channels.

Pinpoint’s Marketing & Customer Technology Planning Service produces a recommended sequence of technology and process improvement projects to achieve a best-practices customer data and technology architecture that realizes your customer information strategy. Pinpoint’s offering provides a comprehensive technology plan, which lays out the complete set of projects – each with associated timelines, resource assignments and budgets – necessary to realize the technology strategy. We prioritize the projects according to the business case for each; in this way, we help you realize as great an ROI on technology investments as possible, as soon as possible.

Our service includes an annual review and revision of the plan we produce, to ensure that customer information technology and process improvement investments continue to be aligned with corporate strategy and objectives.

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