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Marketing Software Strategy Consultants

Pinpoint’s Marketing Software Strategy Services cover everything, from what customer information you collect to how your technology makes use of it.

Through the customer relationship management system, the enterprise marketing management system, e-commerce interactions, and transactions on other channels, a wealth of information is collected from customers during the normal course of business operations. Transaction patterns, purchase history, web behavior, communication channel preferences, service concerns and sales and marketing interactions are all examples. This information provides not only a basis for marketing strategy and tactics, but also valuable insight into the effectiveness of marketing programs ...insight that is necessary to accurately measure what marketing is working and what is not. Most organizations utilize only a small portion of this information when marketing to their customers. Typically, the primary reason for this is lack of access to the full range of available customer information in a form that is usable and actionable by marketers.

Pinpoint’s Marketing Technology Strategy Services help you formulate a customer information strategy that enables more effective marketing, sales and service, and is aligned with your overall business strategy and objectives. This service addresses key questions such as:

  • What information from around the enterprise is most important to marketers?
  • How does the detailed information need to be transformed and aggregated in order to be easily interpreted and actionable?
  • When is the information needed (how soon after it is collected) in order to be useful for marketing purposes?

Our Strategy Services include a road-map/plan for data, technology and process improvements that implement your customer information strategy using an incremental, prioritized approach. Each increment of the plan is designed to produce measurable marketing and financial results.

Pinpoint’s Marketing Software Strategy Services include:

Customer Information Strategy – articulating the strategy for effectively using customer information available throughout the enterprise

Marketing Technology Strategy – specifying the data and application architectures that support the customer information strategy

Marketing Technology Planning – defining the incremental data, process and technology improvement plan

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