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Marketing Process Workflow Automation

Your Marketing Department is truly a production facility; our Workflow Automation Services will keep it running smoothly.

Deployment of today’s complex multi-channel marketing programs requires substantial coordination across not only marketing teams, but typically across other corporate functions as well. From strategy to creative development to targeting to communication via print, web, phone and other channels, each marketing campaign typically follows a complex workflow involving separate tasks by specialized teams, gaining approvals by legal, sales and customer service along the way. With sometimes hundreds of campaigns executed each year and dozens in progress concurrently at any one time, keeping the work flowing between the various teams is a constant challenge. Traditional project management approaches help address this challenge, but can add considerable human resource overhead to already thinly-stretched budgets. Implementation of workflow automation relieves this pain by allowing all marketing professionals to focus on their marketing specialty, rather than spending a significant portion of their time on project coordination.

Pinpoint’s Marketing Process Workflow Automation Services address this challenge by implementing Marketing Operations Management (MOM) technology from leading companies such as IBM, Aprimo and SAS.  Our services include the development of process workflow templates customized to your organization’s optimized processes, implementation of digital asset management repositories, integration of budgeting and financial management functions and tools between the marketing and finance departments and the deployment of workflow automation across your organization.

Benefits of Pinpoint’s Marketing Workflow Automation Services include:

  • enforcing process standardization with managed use of process customization
  • providing automated notifications of past due, current and future tasks
  • presenting a structured, prioritized task list to each team member
  • creating a central repository for information created and used throughout the marketing process, which...
    • eliminates searching through emails
    • ensures everyone is working from the latest version of each document
    • significantly reduces phone call and meeting time
  • providing accurate tracking of cycle time and resource time by task and project, thus enabling improved process and resource management
  • providing up to date and esily accessible budget and actual cost information to facilitate financial management for marketing 

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