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Process Roll-out

Process change depends completely on user adoption ...precisely what Pinpoint’s Roll-out Services ensure

Process change is invariably difficult, and nearly impossible to achieve without the assistance of an external agent to drive the change. The level of acceptance of any change varies greatly from person to person within each organization; however, for change to be effective it must be fully adopted by every team member. Countless business process consulting projects never provide any business value because full roll-out and adoption is not a priority of the project.

Pinpoint’s Process Roll-out Services focus on achieving full adoption of process change by every affected process participant. Because our service is in all respects a project, we’ve borrowed the methodology of change management from the project-management discipline, and we implement it via ongoing communications ...from the beginning of design and continuing through full user adoption.

In fact, our complete focus is on user adoption. That leads us to employ...

  • extensive participation by affected team members throughout the process design portions of a process change initiative
  • small group review sessions to educate teams on how the process changes specifically will affect their projects and tasks
  • customized training in new processes and use of automation tools in your organizational context
  • heavy use of desk-side mentoring to identify and overcome barriers to adoption on an individual-by-individual basis

Whatever it takes... we stay with you until we reach full adoption.

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