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Marketing Process Optimization & Automation

If your core marketing processes are sub-optimal, no amount of IT can make up for it. Our Marketing Process Optimization Service gets at the root causes.

When not managed, business processes evolve over time to become inconsistent across marketing teams, products, customer segments and channels. Some specialization is important, but unique processes for each team within a marketing organization is sub-optimal. Further, very often we find that marketing organizations have only a high-level or piecemeal understanding of their current processes; and very seldom have those processes actually been documented. Each team knows how they do their job, but the big picture of how each team’s processes fit together is typically not well understood. This lack of overall understanding is a barrier to process improvement.

Pinpoint’s Process Optimization Service starts with comprehensive process understanding. The task of current process discovery surfaces the pain points and inefficiencies latent in the organization. We document current processes in end-to-end fashion across departments and teams.

Using the current-state documentation as a baseline, Pinpoint’s Process Optimization Service proposes improvements, by:

  • Assessing current processes against marketing best practices
  • Identifying efficiency gaps and streamlining opportunities in current processes
  • Filling those gaps by augmenting processes with steps from our best-practice library
  • Introducing standardization of tasks and work products across teams where appropriate
  • Proposing additional processes to be assimilated by the organization over time to promote continuous improvement and move toward best-in-class marketing

Benefits of Process Optimization include:

  • Reduced cycle time for marketing projects
  • Improved quality through increased use of standard practices throughout the organization
  • Improved management visibility into project status and process/resource bottlenecks, leading to better prioritization and budget allocation

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