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Marketing Operations Process Consulting

Marketing is a family of related processes; we help ensure that they fit together, run smoothly, and fulfill your company’s goals.

As in other departmental functions, the business processes used in the Marketing Department primarily determine the quality and efficiency of the organization’s marketing programs. Disconnected or inconsistent processes can result in excessive rework, extra hours spent on coordination and follow-up, limited re-use, and large variances in the quality of the final marketing communications. In today’s business environment of increasing competition and decreasing marketing budgets, the productivity of a company’s marketing department is critical to its success.

Pinpoint’s Marketing Operations Process Consulting Services help you ensure that your marketing processes fit together, run smoothly, and fulfill your company’s goals. We’ll start by assessing your present marketing processes against best practices gleaned from literally hundreds of clients across 15 different industries. We conduct this assessment by looking end-to-end, from strategy through execution to measurement.

We believe in evolution, not revolution: small process adjustments often can achieve large payoffs. Where appropriate, we’ll utilize Marketing Operations Management (MOM) software technology to help streamline your marketing processes, increase information flow and improve quality.

Our focus is on empowering each marketer by providing them with easy access to the information they need to properly perform or manage their segment of the overall process. But we’ll also provide marketing management with the information about workflow across their organization that’s vital to good decision-making ...enabling them to meet increasing demands with flat or declining budgets.

Benefits of Pinpoint’s Marketing Operations Process Consulting Service –

  • Reduced cycle time
  • Improved productivity: fewer meetings, less time wasted waiting for information and less rework
  • Improved quality through increased use of standard practices throughout the organization
  • Improved access to the information each employee needs, when they need it
  • Improved management visibility into financial status, resource utilization and project status

Pinpoint offers the following Process Consulting services to improve marketing quality and efficiency:

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