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IBM Watson Marketing - Customer Insights (Unica, Tealeaf, Cognos) Implementation & Integration Services

Let Pinpoint’s marketing automation services help you gain deeper insight into your cross-channel customer activity quickly and easily with an optimized implementation of IBM Watson Marketing - Customer Insights (Unica, Tealeaf, Cognos) analytics software

IBM Watson Marketing - Customer Insights (Unica, Tealeaf, Cognos) is a next-generation cross-channel analytics product designed from the ground up to meet the full range of customer analytics requirements. The Customer Insights software is architected for easy deployment, implementation, and use – not just by analytics experts, but by every marketer providing:

  • Powerful and flexible reports
  • Built-in web analytics data warehouse: granular data is always available, without buying additional product modules, for drill-down, slicing-and-dicing, and auditing metrics, even if unanticipated when the site was tagged
  • Open data architecture: visitor data is stored in standard database systems with a fully documented web analytics data schema providing a strong core for integrating web analytics with business intelligence, data mining, CRM, etc.
  • Broad support for environments: conforms to your organization’s preferred IT standards by supporting a broad choice of operating systems and databases
  • “Soft-tagging” infrastructure: reduces complexity of implementations dramatically through a unique approach to data collection with page tagging and other methods
  • Flexible deployment and migration options: available as web analytics software or on-demand, with easy migration from one to the other after initial deployment
  • Part of the IBM Watson Marketing's complete interactive marketing solution: individual visitors or segments can be selected for immediate inclusion in outbound or inbound marketing

Let Pinpoint’s IBM Watson Marketing - Customer Insights (Unica, Tealeaf, Cognos) Implementation Services do all the heavy lifting for you.

Pinpoint Systems provides a full range of IBM Watson Marketing implementation services, including:

  • Application implementation planning to identify business requirements, users and systems affected, process changes, hardware and software platform requirements, transition plans, resources needed and project timelines
  • Application software installation, configuration and integration with other systems and data repositories
  • Application software version upgrades
  • Custom application development where off-the-shelf software is not available to meet a critical business need
  • User training and roll-out

Pinpoint’s Technical Integration Services enable seamless integration of IBM Watson Marketing software.

Pinpoints integration services feature:

  • Hardware/platform sizing and specification
  • Database development & enhancement
  • Data movement and transformation software implementation
  • Inter-application integration using API's and Web Services
  • Custom application development to fill gaps in off-the-shelf software functionality
  • System and application performance measurement, troubleshooting and tuning

Pinpoint Website & Customer Analytics Services for IBM Watson Marketing (Unica, Silverpop, Tealeaf, Cognos, SPSS)

A deep understanding of customer behavior is the key to increased profits; Pinpoint’s IBM Watson Marketing (Unica, Silverpop, Tealeaf, Cognos, SPSS) services help you refine that understanding.

Understanding the customer is really what marketing is all about. It enables more targeted, granular marketing campaigns. Ideally, it enables you to get the right message to the right customer at the right time. And doing those things will surely increase the return on your marketing spend.

Pinpoint’s Customer Analytics service helps you achieve that understanding via a comprehensive suite of analysis and modeling activities.

  • Customer Behavior Analysis – knowing who your customers are and how they interact with you; using business intelligence and data mining technologies to provide dashboards for key metrics and automated alerts of key events or changes in customer behavior patterns.
  • Customer Value Modeling – knowing the total value of each customer to your business – both historical actual value and future lifetime value – in order to allocate incentives and rewards profitably.
  • Predictive Modeling – using past behavior and responses to marketing offers so as to match the right offer to each customer, thereby increasing retention and customer profitability.

Let Pinpoint Systems help you integrate and expand the value of your IBM Watson Marketing - Customer Insights (Unica, Tealeaf, Cognos) and other marketing software to get a comprehensive view into your customers and prospects behavior.

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