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Let Pinpoint Systems enhance and extend the value of your HCL Unica Marketing Platform investment

Pinpoint provides Innovative Marketing Technology Services to HCL Unica Customers

Pinpoint Systems Innovative Marketing Technology Services can help you get more from your HCL Unica marketing software investments including Personalized Marketing, Digital Experience and Customer Insights (Unica, Silverpop, Tealeaf, SPSS and Cognos). Pinpoint acts as a one-stop solution for your Unica marketing technology software needs with services including:

HCL Unica Customer Engagement Solutions

For chief marketing officers and other marketing executives, customer engagement means creating a dialogue with customers using targeted marketing of products and services throughout multiple interactions. Understanding why your customers interact and respond to your brand is paramount, and these solutions help you strengthen your value chain by transforming deep customer insights into action. HCL Unica Customer Engagement Solutions can help:

  • Deliver targeted, personalized marketing for a consistent brand experience across interaction channels
  • Optimize marketing programs with the goal of delivering the best offer every time, anywhere, automatically
  • Provide engaging, relevant content for customers with social business capabilities

“As the benefits of integrated Marketing and Commerce Suites become clear to Enterprises, Pinpoint is ready to help streamline the deployment and integration of these solutions for a rapid ROI.”

Ty Burger,
CEO Pinpoint Systems