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Customer Predictive Behavior Analysis & Modeling

The wealth of customer data collected by most organizations provides an opportunity to predict customer behavior based on statistical analysis and other quantitative methods. This predictive information is a key ingredient of making the right offer at the right time to each customer. The objective is to predict customer behavior in a given situation, based on the customer’s known attributes and past behavior.

Pinpoint’s customer analytics service builds and deploys predictive models to address typical customer management challenges such as:

  • attrition – what customer behavior patterns lead to or portend that customer forsaking us for a competitor?
  • propensity to respond – what factors are associated with customers who take us up on a certain type of offer?
  • next best product/action – for a given customer, what product or marketing/service action is likely to be best received?

It’s important to realize that the kinds of analysis discussed above do not require our clients to build a department of statistics experts; the marketing applications that Pinpoint usually installs include “wizard”-type capabilities that make such complex analyses available to the non-expert marketing user.

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