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Enterprise Marketing Software User and Administrator Training

Our Marketing Software User/Administrator Training eliminates the most common reason for application misuse ...or non-use

Marketing teams are dynamic, with staff constantly changing roles and new staff coming onboard. There is an ongoing need (not only during initial software implementation) to train the marketing and IT support teams on the application software needed to perform their role.

Pinpoint’s Marketing Software User & Administrator Training services fill this need with training programs customized to your business and technology environment. Pinpoint offers multiple training delivery methods to fit each particular situation, including:

  • Custom application training course development and delivery – application training materials designed for a specific application configuration and database environment, delivered to users and/or application administrators in a classroom or virtual setting
  • Custom application training course development and leave-behind – this service utilizes the “train the trainer” approach, providing the trainer with step-by-step training materials to be delivered in the future as needed
  • Individual user desk-side mentoring – in-person or virtual one-on-one sessions designed to give personalized instruction through collaborative problem solving in a real environment. This method is useful for overcoming user adoption barriers quickly.

Pinpoint offers its training service for all marketing application software we support, for both SaaS and on-premise applications, regardless of whether we performed the initial application implementation.

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