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Marketing Software Tools Troubleshooting and Tuning

Our Marketing Troubleshooting and Tuning Service will optimize your application software’s performance matter who installed it

As the electronic footprint of each customer expands (transactions, website visits, service calls, etc.), the set of data available for more informed marketing becomes richer. Accessing this data efficiently so that marketing communications remain timely is an ongoing challenge as the underlying customer data grows in breadth and depth.

Pinpoint’s marketing application troubleshooting and tuning service addresses this challenge by assessing application performance, identifying the root cause of performance bottlenecks, and reconfiguring application software and/or databases as required in order to achieve performance aligned with business needs. Pinpoint offers this service for all marketing application software we support.

The skills and technical knowledge we’ve acquired over scores of marketing application implementations (of Unica, Chordant, Aprimo, etc.) enable us to quickly diagnose and fix problems commonly encountered with such implementations (often when done by others). Examples of two of the more frequent problem scenarios...

  • A new marketing campaign appears to be populating with customer records that clearly don’t fit the selection criteria. Generally we will find either an issue of improper database coupling, or that the application needs to be tuned for this campaign’s queries (usually a matter of its configuration settings).
  • The software has just undergone some type of upgrade or migration (of the marketing application itself, or of underlying software or hardware), and suddenly nothing seems to work properly. Most of the time such problems can be identified and solved fairly quickly; but a few can be quite challenging and require substantial troubleshooting.

The benefits of Pinpoint’s marketing software & tools troubleshooting and tuning service optimizing the performance of your marketing applications include:

  • Reduction in end to end marketing program cycle time – ability to reach customers with timely communications
  • Higher productivity of staff – less time waiting on systems and data
  • Elimination of unnecessary hardware upgrades and platform migrations

Even where Pinpoint didn’t perform the initial applications design or installation, you can still count on us to help get your applications back “on the air” when things seem to go haywire.

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