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Enterprise Marketing Software Consulting Services

From pre-installation planning through ongoing tech support, our marketing application implementation services have you covered

The success of any marketing application software implementation should be measured by the incremental business value it generates. “On-time” and “on-budget” project completion and proper technical integration are necessary - but not sufficient - conditions for success. Other critical success factors include full user adoption, integration with (and sometimes enhancement of) business processes to take advantage of application functionality, and identification and measurement of key metrics used to monitor business improvement.

Pinpoint’s application implementation approach addresses all of these critical success factors through a high level of collaboration and transparency from the outset. The business improvement goals are identified up front, and the implementation plan is built to ensure that these goals are achieved. Our objective is to have the application return business value to your operations as soon as possible.

Pinpoint provides a full range of marketing application software implementation services, including:

  • Application implementation planning to identify business requirements, users and systems affected, process changes, hardware and software platform requirements, transition plans, resources needed and project timelines
  • Application software installation and software version upgrades
  • Configuration of SaaS and on-premise software, and integration with other systems and data repositories
  • Custom application development where off-the-shelf software is not available to meet a critical business need
  • User training and roll-out
  • Collaboration on pilot use for initial marketing programs
  • Results measurement
  • Ongoing technical and user support

Pinpoint offers its application implementation service for all on-premise and SaaS marketing application software we support.

Pinpoint provides implementation leadership, project management and application expertise, while collaborating with your team on several fronts to ensure success:

  • Marketing Management - to define business goals and monitor progress against those goals
  • Marketing Users - to define and implement necessary process changes, custom-configure the software to your marketing environment and perform desk-side mentoring in real usage situations
  • System Architecture team - to ensure compatibility with enterprise architecture standards and practices
  • Data Architecture team- to achieve the data integration necessary for full functionality and optimum performance
  • Application Administrators - to conduct knowledge transfer on the application configuration and enable ongoing self-sufficiency

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