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Now That You Have Your Customers’ Attention: Real-Time Dialog with Transactional Email at Shutterfly
Learn about this important marketing channel, as presented by Shutterfly and Pinpoint at a recent industry conference.

Case Studies

Marketing Operations Meets Compliance -- NEW!                                                          
Our client is a financial services company that is regulated in part by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA).  The company was fined millions of dollars for failing to retain a large number of securities-related electronic records in the required format, and for failing to retain certain categories of outgoing emails. Pinpoint helped the client build a compliant system with an automated permanent record for every piece of marketing content.

Marketing Operations Management for Real-Time Interactions
Pinpoint consultants worked with a Fortune 100 retailer to apply the discipline and automation of a Marketing Resource Management system (Teradata Aprimo) to the real-time offers and interactions process. This solution included a central repository needed to house all offer documentation, offer decision rules, history of assigned and completed tasks, process notes and activity.

Real-Time Marketing Benefits                                                                                                There are a number of factors that determine whether a real-time marketing solution is effective. And, for most marketing organizations, the financial impact is difficult to quantify. Read the case study to learn how you can make a personal connection with your customers and increase revenue with real-time marketing personalization and real-time offer decisions.

A leading ecommerce business was looking to continually improve its customer communications and engagement. Their business model included multiple triggered emails around certain actions a customer might take, resulting in dozens of different programs running concurrently.
Distributed Marketing Bridges the Gap 
Distributed Marketing can only be effective if it addresses both the needs of corporate marketing and those of the local sales team in the field. Both rely on the system for up-to-date information on campaigns and communications for their target customers to deliver the most appropriate information at the right time. Pinpoint Systems helped a large financial services firm coordinate marketing campaigns with its financial advisors for a scalable Distributed Marketing system that created transparency, generated significant cost savings and efficiencies, and resulted in an improved customer experience.
A Large Retailer Takes Ownership of their Marketing Operations Management 
A large US retailer needed to bolster their marketing operations to support a rapidly expanding business without commensurate increases in staff or budget so they turned to Pinpoint Systems to help streamline their capabilities for greater scalability and measurability.
Real-Time Offers at Point of Sale 
When a large retailer was looking to aggressively expand their targeted offers and increase revenue, they turned to Pinpoint Systems for a solution to better interact with their customers at the point of sale.
An Online Retailer Turns their Ecommerce System into a Marketing Dynamo with Integrated Campaign Management 
A successful online retailer boosts their ecommerce system with leading-edge marketing analytics and campaign management capabilities and multiplies marketing opportunities throughout the customer engagement cycle.
Executive Presentation: How Shutterfly Turned their Ecommerce System into a Marketing Dynamo 
Pinpoint and Shutterfly team up for this presentation that demonstrates how the ecommerce company implemented a CRM system for increased customer value with timely and relevant offers.
Smarter Decisions with Customer-Centric Marketing Through Automated Measurement 
Pinpoint Systems helped a top ten bank to adapt faster to its customer’s needs with automated multi-channel measurement and by optimizing their systems and processes for a customer-centric marketing approach.
Using Marketing Operations Optimization & Automation for Better Staff and Resources Allocation 
Optimizing and automating marketing operations and marketing systems across a large corporate marketing organization to more efficiently plan, prioritize, manage and evaluate marketing programs.
Unica Campaign: Strategy, Implementation and Training for Optimal Marketing Campaign Performance 
A large Financial Services Company — Needs strategic consulting, implementation and training for a Unica Campaign Management upgrade to ensure Optimal Marketing Campaign Performance.
Expanding Marketing Campaign Measurement & Datamart Integration 
Re-thinking campaign success metrics and integrating a marketing datamart dramatically improve a casino’s direct marketing ROI.
Strategy, Marketing Process Automation & Marketing Systems Integration to Improve Mutli-Channel Measurement
The challenge: Find a better way to measure the marketing ROI of multi-channel marketing programs through each individual channel.


Email Frequency & Customer Contact Best Practices: Implementing the Optimal Customer Contact Strategy 
This essential guide will help you to implement the optimal customer contact stragegy for your business. Learn how to control the frequency of your email campaigns, improve the relevance of your communications, the cost of an opt-out and more!
Email Frequency Best Practices Infographic 

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Pinpoint Rewards 
A comprehensive marketing solution for the gaming industry
Marketing Resource Management Brochure 
Grow revenue and profits through improved marketing effectiveness
Marketing Operations Services Brochure 
How Pinpoint Systems can help grow your revenue through increased marketing effectiveness
Pinpoint Systems Services Brochure 
Overview of Pinpoint's Innovative Marketing Technology Services

White Papers

Better Customer Relationships Through Interactive Marketing Dialog 
Guidelines for Implementing an Enterprise Interactive Marketing Solution to Execute a better Customer Relationship Marketing Strategy
Marketing System of Record 
To support organizations in making the transformation from a product and channel focused organization to one focused on the customer, Pinpoint Systems has applied their expertise in the customer-centric space to create the Marketing System of Record solution.


From Stretched to Strengthened 
The illustration on the cover of this report represents the more than 1,700 Chief Marketing Officers who spoke with IBM as part of this study. Each facet represents approximately 23 participants, and the colors on the front cover represent the three imperatives identified in our analysis: deliver value to empowered customers; foster lasting connections; and capture value, measure results.

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