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Mobile Marketing

As ecommerce grows, transactions on a mobile device via an app or a mobile website are increasing exponentially. Using the mobile channel for personalized communications with customers that are interacting with your business can increase your customer engagement.

Many of the strategies for mobile marketing are the same as your traditional marketing campaigns for online/desktop computer users, but additional tools and techniques are needed to align with your customer’s expectations for an optimal mobile experience.

Pinpoint’s mobile customer engagement spans a number of tools, strategies, best practices and emerging technologies in order to help your business be most effective at communicating your products and services to your customers, including:

Mobile Customer Data Integration

Integrates your mobile customer data with traditional campaign management to create offer IDs and other information to help you better identify and target your customers on a mobile device.

Mobile as Part of your Multi-channel Marketing Programs

Incorporates mobile as part of your multi-channel strategies, such as alignment of different channel teams within your organization to bring mobile marketing and mobile engineering together.

Implementation of Mobile Marketing Software for Push Messaging

Pinpoint consultants can implement IBM Xtify© and other similar software for integrated Push messaging to drive individually targeted messages to mobile users at the best time for customer engagement.

Geo-Targeting Deployment

Pinpoint will help you build rules to deploy geo-targeting and other mobile marketing tactics for fine-tuned targeting to drive customers to your business and keep you ahead of the competition.

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