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Transactional Email as a Real-Time Marketing Channel - Part I

Posted by Paul Becker

Jun 18, 2015 10:17:20 AM

Pinpoint recently presented a case study with our client Shutterfly at the IBM Amplify 2015 conference in San Diego. This post addresses a section of that presentation.

Evolution of Marketing in Transactional EmailReal_Time

Transactional Email at Shutterfly is...

  • The primary channel for customer communication on operational matters where active customers receive 15 transactional emails per year on average

Types of transactional emails...

  • Order and Shipping Confirmation
  • New User Welcome
  • Account Related – passwords, credit cards, etc.
  • Photo Share & Project Share Notifications
  • Prints Ready for Pick-up

Why Transactional Email?

  • Customer is already engaged with the brand
  • The wallet is already open
  • More like an inbound channel

Email Open Rates

Transactional email at Shutterfly is a significant marketing channel. The below shows the relative improvement in email opens for Transactional Email vs Mass Marketing Emails.


Transactional email at Shutterfly has followed the marketing evolution as shown in the main graphic and is its primary real-time marketing channel. Our next blog post will address more details of best practices for real-time transactional email. You can also download the entire presentation from our website.

Topics: Email, Best Practices, Case Studies, Real-Time Marketing

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