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When is it Okay to Eavesdrop on your Customers? A Digital Analytics Replay.

Posted by Ty Burger

Aug 11, 2015 7:31:19 PM

One of my consultants was helping a customer deploy new offers online and he came up with a question we have been discussing within the analytics team: when it is okay to eavesdrop on your customers?



The back story:

Our customer needed guidance on what was behind an uptick in customer service complaints from customers who couldn’t properly apply discounts/coupons to their online purchases. They had a sophisticated digital analytics system that we used to help uncover the reason for the increase in customer service complaints.

What we did:

We wanted a way to securely “eavesdrop” on the customer transactions according to how the end user “saw it” – no matter the device they were using. With the guidance that came from customer service, we were able to pull reports from the portal to track the customer footprint based on the customer's email address and the day of the session.

We then “watched” the customer behavior to determine whether the error was in the system or with the user. Using the replay feature from IBM’s Tealeaf CX Reveal to investigate problems with the online marketing offers, we were able to “see” how a transaction was rendered and could replay customer sessions to troubleshoot the issues.

What we discovered:

A major issue we uncovered was from using the heat maps functionality of the software. It showed us where, in general, the customers were spending their time with the mouse. In this case, much of the critical information on how to use the discounts/coupons was below the fold. The users didn’t necessarily realize they just had to scroll down to get the information they needed.

The IBM Tealeaf “replay” feature is used for targeting, insights, quality of experience and is a specific “wrench” we can take out of the toolbox when needed. If used more proactively, it can be extended all the way to the front lines to use for customer service to initiate and “watch” customers when walking through certain issues. In this example, we discovered that a company can also use it to triage problems -preferably ahead of new launches. That way, they won’t ever need to eavesdrop on their customers!

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