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Latest Events

May 16-19

IBM Amplify 2016 Tampa, FL

Pinpoint is a Sponsor at the IBM Amplify 2016 conference.

Join us at Booth #925 where our consultants can guide you on the latest additions to the IBM Marketing Suite including Cloud Solutions and other software additions to help you market smarter and adapt faster.

Hope to see you in Tampa! 


May 11-13

IBM Amplify 2015 San Diego

Pinpoint is a Gold Plus Sponsor at the IBM Amplify 2015 conference.

Join us for our break-out session with Shutterfly on Wednesday, May 13th at 10:45am:

Now That You Have Your Customers' Attention: Real-Time Dialog with Transactional Email at Shutterfly

Incorporating real-time marketing into your customer engagement processes is not a single event but rather a continuous improvement journey. This session presents Shutterfly’s real-time marketing journey through the lens of its CRM team and their partner, Pinpoint Systems. Included is a deep dive into how real-time marketing via transactional email drives significant, incremental revenue. All aspects of implementing real-time marketing are discussed, including: quantified business benefits, selling to the C-Suite, prioritizing marketing channels , selecting an implementation partner, the incremental roll-out, managing change to existing processes, measuring marketing performance and attributing revenue to the real-time marketing program.

Speakers: Daniel Robles, Shutterfly; Mike Berry, Shutterfly

Come see us in San Diego! 


May 12-15

IBM Smarter Commerce Global Summit 2014 Tampa

Join Pinpoint consultants at booth S-10 to learn about our real-time personalization capabilities and ways to help you better quantify your real-time marketing techonlogy investments.

And don't miss our speaking sessions!

Shutterfly’s Expert Marketing Platform Makes Every Interaction Count

Join Shutterfly executives as they present practical advice on how best to gain scale and increase the sophistication of your marketing system.  As marketers we need to take advantage of every interaction to each and every customer by knowing what to say and when to say it. But to accomplish this, we need to let the machine make the easy decisions so we can focus on the hard ones.  Learn how Shutterfly’s tactical approach to this principle significantly increased revenue across the multiple Shutterfly brands. To support this effort, Pinpoint Systems helped the Shutterfly team by designing and deploying a solution that included the IBM EMM software suite (Campaign, Contact Optimization, eMessage), resulting in a multi-brand and cross-brand corporate CRM function.

- Presented by Shutterfly

Tackling the Customer Engagement Challenge

This panel discussion will focus on the techniques and practices used for improving customer engagement to drive increased revenue and profit margins. Moderated by Pinpoint Systems, the cross industry panel of Retail, Ecommerce and Hospitality executives from Sears Holdings, Shutterfly and Choice Hotels will discuss their experiences with various marketing practices for driving improvements in customer value that include:

  • Real time decisions on offers
  • Contact frequency management/contact optimization
  • Incorporation of on-line behavior in segmentation and targeting
  • Pushing targeted marketing messages to mobile apps
  • Utilizing transactional emails as a marketing channel…and more.

All of the above practices are designed to increase the relevance of messages and drive customer engagement, but when does a marketer know which to use, and in which instance and what techniques are most successful? The panel discussion will address these practices as well as explore answers to below questions:

  • What are the various techniques and tools in order to increase relevance and increase engagement?
  • What approaches are used today and are planned for the future within the various client organizations?
  • In which situations do certain techniques work best and why?
  • How are these tactics being measured?

- Presented by Choice Hotels, Shutterfly, Large Retailer and Pinpoint


Latest News

Pinpoint Systems adds Customer Experience Management to its Suite of Marketing Automation Capabilities

Charlotte, NC (July 31, 2013) – Pinpoint Systems Corporation, a leading provider of real-time marketing solutions and marketing automation software implementation services, announced today it has added Customer Experience Management to its suite of solutions. This Pinpoint offering combines the IBM Tealeaf software with strategic and implementation services in a single package to integrate management of a visitor’s web site experiences with cross channel marketing.

“We’re excited about the addition of Customer Experience Management and consider it a vital part of the digital marketing solution set,” said Paul Becker, CEO and co-founder of Pinpoint. “The Tealeaf capabilities enable real-time identification of visitor confusion and struggle on our client’s web sites that trigger cross channel marketing communications to save the sale and retain the customer.”

The Customer Experience Management solution records every detail of each digital customer interaction to help businesses “see” why customers are falling out of the online buying process. Further, the solution automatically detects when this happens, identifies the individual customer and delivers the appropriate marketing message. These capabilities can create opportunities for new marketing tactics to better retain and communicate with customers.

As an advanced business partner of IBM, Pinpoint is an authorized reseller and certified integrator of IBM Enterprise Marketing Management, including the IBM Tealeaf Customer Experience Management product suite.


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