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Pinpoint Systems IBM Unica Campaign Management Software Consulting Services

Use Pinpoint Systems for IBM Unica Affinium Campaign Management integration, implementation, training & support services to get the most out of your investment.

By implementing IBM Unica Affinium Campaign Management Software, marketers can plan, design, execute, measure and analyze multi-wave, cross-channel and highly personalized marketing campaigns. Pinpoint Systems' expert implementation and support of IBM Unica Campaign significantly increases the value and effectiveness of its functionality.

Augmented by Pinpoint Systems pre-implementation planning, IBM Unica Campaign Management is the industry's most highly acclaimed, best-in-class marketing campaign management application and will enable your marketing team to fully utilize the following features:

  • Market Segmentation, Offer and Channel Assignment: a powerful, flexible, flowchart-based user interface to manage the entirety of a campaign’s logic, including audience segmentation, exclusions, and assignment of offers and channels
  • Central Campaign Repository: a central repository that enables use, re-use, and tracking of campaign building blocks, including audiences, segments, offers, treatments, and exclusion rules
  • Customer Interaction History: a complete history for each customer or prospect, offers presented, context and campaign details, and response or non-response data – critical to building an effective, ongoing dialogue
  • Campaign Scheduling, List Generation, Output Formatting: complete campaign execution capabilities, including the ability to schedule multiple campaign waves and use IBM Unica’s patented Universal Data InterconnectTM (UDI) technology to access data from multiple sources and output campaign data in nearly limitless formats
  • Response Attribution: closes the loop by attributing responses of various types (direct, indirect, inferred) to campaigns using several attribution methods (best match, fractional, multiple, custom)
  • Marketing Reporting and Analysis: standard campaign reports and other key analyses are included, with a flexible and open data mart that allows custom data fields to be incorporated into reports and any third-party reporting tool

IBM Unica Campaign Management Software Implementation

From pre-installation planning through ongoing tech support, our IBM Unica application implementation services have you covered.

The success of an IBM Unica Campaign Management implementation should be measured by the incremental business value it generates. “On-time” and “on-budget” project completion and proper technical integration are necessary - but not sufficient - conditions for success. Other critical success factors include full user adoption, integration with (and sometimes enhancement of) business processes to take advantage of application functionality, and identification and measurement of key metrics used to monitor the business improvement in the management of marketing campaigns.

Pinpoint Systems provides a complete range of Marketing Campaign Management Software services including:

  • Application implementation planning to identify business requirements, users and systems affected, process changes, hardware and software platform requirements, transition plans, resources needed and project timelines
  • Application software installation, configuration and integration with other systems and data repositories
  • Application software version upgrades
  • Custom application development where off-the-shelf software is not available to meet a critical business needs
  • User training and roll-out
  • Collaboration on pilot use for initial marketing programs
  • Results measurement
  • Ongoing technical and user support

IBM Unica Campaign Management Troubleshooting and Tuning

Pinpoint’s IBM Unica troubleshooting and tuning will optimize your Campaign Management software’s performance.

As your electronic footprint expands (transactions, website visits, service calls, etc.), the set of marketing and customer data available for more informed decisions becomes richer. Accessing this large and sometimes disparate data efficiently is an ongoing challenge as the underlying customer data grows in breadth and depth.

Pinpoint’s troubleshooting and tuning service for IBM Unica Campaign Management addresses this challenge by assessing application performance, identifying the root cause of performance bottlenecks, and reconfiguring application software and/or databases as required in order to achieve maximum performance from your Campaign Management software.

Pinpoint’s troubleshooting and tuning service optimizes the performance of your marketing applications and includes:

  • Reduction in end to end marketing program cycle time – ability to reach customers with timely communications
  • Higher productivity of staff – less time waiting on systems and data
  • Elimination of unnecessary hardware upgrades and platform migrations

IBM Unica Campaign Management Integration & System Architecture Consulting

Pinpoint’s architecture planning for IBM Unica Campaign Management helps preserve existing Marketing Operations and Marketing IT investment while improving integration and eliminating silos of disparate marketing and customer data.

As the initial step in systems integration, Pinpoint’s consultants can perform systems architecture planning across all systems, applications and databases across all customer-facing business functions. That list will typically include the following functions and supporting systems:

  • Customer relationship management systems and databases(CRM)
  • Sales, Sales Force Automation and Sales/Prospect Leads Databases
  • Marketing
  • Customer service / Service delivery
  • Loyalty
  • Billing/statements/payments
  • Website(s), Website Databases
  • Ad Agency/supplier systems

Within IT systems, the scope of our architecture planning encompasses:

  • Hardware / operating system platforms
  • Database management system platforms
  • Marketing Resource Management software
  • Systems/application implementation and operations tools

The goal of a Systems Architecture review is to provide a blueprint and a detailed plan to move from the current state to the target architecture in a series of incremental steps that each provide measurable business improvement (greatest first, wherever possible). Our deliverables in this phase include:

  • Target systems architecture blueprint
  • Phased implementation plan
  • Best-of-breed candidate software applications
  • Cost and schedule estimates for budgeting and planning

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