Pinpoint improves its clients’ marketing by designing and deploying technology-based solutions ...measuring success by our clients’ results

Pinpoint Systems Makes your Teradata Aprimo Marketing Automation Software Work Better.

Pinpoint Systems offers Implementation, Integration and Consulting Services for Aprimo Integrated Marketing Management, Multi-Channel Campaign and Marketing Resource Management

Pinpoint’s Teradata Aprimo services include:

Aprimo Strategy Consulting

Whether you need to re-assess your customer information strategy, rework your technology strategy to better support your operations, or develop a sound and detailed plan for a major Aprimo upgrade... Pinpoint’s Strategy Consultants will add significant value at every stage.

Aprimo Marketing Operations Process Consulting

Marketing is a family of interrelated processes; we’ll help you ensure that they fit together, run smoothly, and fulfill your company’s goals. Pinpoint’s Process Consulting Service assesses your marketing processes against best practices gleaned from literally hundreds of clients across 15 different industries.

From pre-installation planning through ongoing tech support, our Aprimo Integrated Marketing Management implementation services have you covered

The success of any marketing application software implementation should be measured by the business value it generates. “On-time” and “on-budget” project completion and proper technical integration are necessary - but not sufficient - conditions for success. Other critical success factors include full user adoption, integration with (and sometimes enhancement of) business processes to take advantage of application functionality, and identification and measurement of key metrics used to monitor business improvement.

Aprimo Marketing Systems Integration

Once the Aprimo strategy and processes are sound, there will usually be a need to rework the technology infrastructure so as to optimally support the function’s operations. Addressing all levels, from architecture planning through database implementation, Pinpoint’s Systems Integration Service will help you preserve your existing IT investment while improving Aprimo integration and eliminating stovepipes or silos.

Aprimo & Marketing Software Training & Troubleshooting

Our Application Services include troubleshooting and Aprimo Integrated Marketing, as well as user and administrator training.

Aprimo Technical Support Services

Whether your need is for critical skills to ensure the successful launch of a new Aprimo implementation or simply for more skilled hands during a seasonal crunch period... Pinpoint’s Support Services will be there for you. We never leave our clients in the lurch.

Aprimo Performance & Customer Analytics Consulting

Whether through customer value modeling, Customer Behavioral Analysis or predictive modeling, Pinpoint helps make best use of Aprimo’s analytics capabilities ...because a deep understanding of customer behavior is the key to greater profits.

Case Study

Multi-channel Marketing Measurement Case Study