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Marketing Software Selection & Installation Services

Campaign management is all but impossible without automation. Pinpoint helps you with selection, installation, tuning and training.

The suite of marketing application software now available to streamline communicating to each customer with the right message on the right channel at the right time is vast and ever-expanding. The leading marketing organizations have expanded beyond the core capabilities of a marketing database with a campaign management application and some predictive models. They have added email marketing; offer management; interactive marketing on the web and phone channels with real-time offer decisions; trigger marketing for enhanced customer retention; and optimization across these applications to prevent over-communication. Business intelligence applications have added personalized dashboards and exception reporting/alerts to enable marketers to directly track and measure complex programs in near-real time. Use of marketing operations management software has resulted in productivity and cycle time gains, and has provided CMO’s with much needed scalability in an era of budget tightening.

Pinpoint provides the marketing expertise you need to utilize all of these applications effectively, plus the technical experience and insight to make each application work efficiently within your enterprise technology environment. Pinpoint implements software from the leading marketing software providers, including Aprimo, Chordiant, IBM, Oracle and Unica. Our services address the full application life cycle, including:

Pinpoint provides application services for the following marketing software products:

  • Unica Software
    • Unica Campaign
    • Unica Marketing Operations
    • Unica Interact
    • Unica Detect
    • Unica NetInsight
    • Unica PredictiveInsight
    • Unica CustomerInsight
    • Unica Leads
  • Aprimo Software
    • Aprimo Enterprise
    • Aprimo Marketing Studio
    • Aprimo Professional
  • Chordiant Software
    • Chordiant Decision Manager
    • Chordiant CxCore
  • IBM Software
    • Cognos 8
    • Cognos Express
    • WebSphere
  • Oracle Software
    • Siebel
    • WebLogic

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